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For a moment, let’s imagine LO’s are from Mars, REALTORS® are from Venus. Mars speaks the language of “on-time closings, seamless transactions, special loan programs.” Things that Mars feels are exciting and of value.

The relationship with Venus is about what interests Venus, not Mars. You are the pursuer. Thus the LO must understand what is on the mind of the agent.

Free LO Training

We have an incredible online training center for Realtors. THE AGENT GENIUS program has been created by mega-agents for agents. Agents learn to master 10 buyer lead generation programs, run their systems more efficiently and build teams.

 How Realtors Discover The Agent Genius training center.


Social media campaigns to Agents and Brokers

Agents introducing Agents

Social media strategy directed at real estate office brokers

Your agent will be there, will you?


Take a free look at many of the LO and agent training systems. Sign up for webinars on how to get “sit-downs” with both agents and office sales managers. Gain insight on building your own niche for massive lead generation. While there is no branding of you to agents, this program is free to you and unlimited to the amount of LO’s. 


Private Label Training

We equip Mars to close 50 additional loans per year through the growth of relationships with Realtors and their brokers. The key is to no longer chase Venus but rather to take a leadership role and equip them. In order to preserve exclusivity, only 5% of LO’s in any major market* are in the program. 

Team Building

There are some in sales that want substantial growth. The pathway to longevity and wealth is “team building.” To that we have the LO ADVANCED Training System. Our focus is on attracting, interviewing and converting LO interviews into team members. And to raise each team members closings by an additional 50 closings per year.

Only inquire about this program if you have a team or desire to build an LO team. Are you a visionary? In order to preserve exclusivity, only 1% of LO’s in any major market* are in the program. 

* A major market has more than 1,000 Loan Officers



** Available to LO’s in the St Louis area and will be available in other cities in the near future.

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